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EdwardLeigh [ edward01 ]

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Subject: Register an Abandoned Aircraft
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Date Posted: 10 December 2012, 10:08:33 PM

Hello Community,

Aircraft may be stranded at airfields or left at repair shops by owners who can't pay their bills. State personal property laws govern the disposition of abandoned aircraft. Authorities can declare an aircraft abandoned if the owner cannot be found or does not respond to a notice of sale within a specified period.

Obtain a bill of sale. The Federal Aviation Administration requires proof of ownership for all aircraft registrations. If you purchased your aircraft at an auction or a judicial sale, ensure that the auctioneer or sheriff who conducted the sale signs the bill of sale. Include a statement verifying that the sale complied with local laws. If you cannot provide evidence of ownership, the FAA may accept a signed affidavit with supporting documentation in lieu of a bill of sale.

Conduct a title search on your aircraft. Search aircraft records through the FAA, or hire an attorney or aviation title search company to conduct the search for you. A title search discloses the chain of ownership and any liens or outstanding mortgages against the aircraft. Without a clear title, you will have difficulty selling the plane or proving ownership in a civil court proceeding. If you discover a problem with the title, file paperwork with the FAA to resolve any existing claims.

Thanks and Regards,
Edward Leigh

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