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Subject: Career Shadowing
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Date Posted: 12 March 2009, 1:55:35 PM

Hi all
we have a career day coming up at school in late April, and I wanted to shadow a pilot. However I have been having some difficulty locating a pilot I could shadow. I wouldn't be able to shadow an airline pilot for security reasons, and I need someone to follow that does it for a living. So I decided that brings me down to two options... a charter pilot, and an instructor.
So what I need from you all is some suggestions where to find a pilot:
Dulles International Airport is 15 minutes from my house, and there is a small Municiple Airport in Leesburg, 20-30 minutes away with several flight schools. I have considered calling up and seeing if I could shadow someone that works for one of those flight schools, but I am not sure if they would let me.

I am open to suggestions! THANKS!!!

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