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Subject: USA has the wrost Air force in the world
Post ID# 68
Message Number 1
Date Posted: 08 August 2003

USA has th worst aircraft in the world accept their F22 raptor but trust me in 6 years time USA will have no more Raptors because they are so poor they can't even repair it.
And USA may have alot of F 16 but don't forget F 16 is a crap fighter.
And USA can only have their Fighters in the sky for only 2 hours a year. And trust me every Fighter jet USA cannot match North Korea's air force.

Subject: USA has the wrost Air force in the world
Post ID# 79
Message Number 2
Date Posted: 16 November 2003, 5:20:11 AM

However, don't forget the F-15, A-10, B-2, B-1, F-18, AV-8 and many others which you conveniently forgot to mention. Also, the F-16 may not be very good, however, 10 F-16s vs 1 F-22 and i think the F-16s will win. Also, what is your obsession with the North Korean Air Force? Back in 1996/1997, all they had was:
30 Mig 29s
50 Mig 23s
157 Mig 21s
40 A-5s
128 Shenyang F-6s
176 Shengyang F-4s
30 Su-7s
18 Su-25s
80 H-5s
15 L-39s
12 Yak-11s
12 An-24s
and 3 Tu-154s
That's just 751 aircraft, and their not even moderately good (apart from the Migs).
Plus, most of these were in major need of repair. I don't really think they could have progressed so much in just 7 years.
If someone really can stand up to the USAF, it would be the Chinese. They may have bad planes but they are developing very quickly. Also, they have a weapon which no one else can matchCopyright © The Global Aircraft Organizationopulation. They literally have 5000 more aircraft in just their airforce than the US have in their Air Force, Air Force reserve and Air national guard put together

Subject: USA has the wrost Air force in the world
Post ID# 89
Message Number 3
Date Posted: 23 December 2003, 2:04:49 AM

I Agree with Lead_ghost you only mention the f-22's you miss a lot of other aircraft and i mean alot. but dont forget usualy they have and eye in the sky so the aircraft can get early notice of the enemy being there. i recon the f-35 is better then the f-22. but it realy comes down to training, its not mostly the aircraft its the pilot who know how to fly the aircraft. as the aussise get the best Traning in the world, i know that we dont have alot of aircraft but we are trained to he best using the aircraft to the best of its ability. the RAAF still has F-111 and f-18 but our pilots know the aircraft off abilitys and just what it can do and how to do it in the best way with out sustaing any losses (except if we are out numberer) when all the amarican pilos come to Australia and have mock dog fights we all ways will because of the pilots knoledge. i can rember when i was on base with my cadet unit we could hear the amaricans and they all ways thort they were the best (walking around with there caps down a bit thinking there so marcho). but it all ways happens we kick there &*#. but mostly it is teamwork if no one work togeather you are goin to lose and lose badly. i recon america should stop buying new aircraft and start puting more money for traing for there pilots and for god sake invest in some fuel. i cant say thet korea is crap or good i havent looked over they much excet for the list below and most of them aircraft are crap and same with some of the migs. if nort and sout korea joind forces and became 1 they would be a very powerful nation. China might stand up to america but dont forget america has more allies then china and can easly get help from other contreys and with the aussies backing them up we are the aleat forces and with allies you have 2,3,4,5 other contreys to worry about. and the the better tecnoledgy that america has they, like stealth aircraft, f-17 and the allmighty b-2 and a night strike you can dissable alot of stuff, powerplats missile solos, defence systems all that stuff you have wont the war and the scud interceptor you cant touch them. as the f-14 can target and destroy 14 targets about 10 of them you can wipe out an atire sqn of the enemys aircraft. i agree that american airforce just needs to stop spending on crap and start to the airforce good.

Subject: USA has the wrost Air force in the world
Post ID# 90
Message Number 4
Date Posted: 23 January 2004, 11:36:09 AM

USA has not the worst aircraft in the world.

Becose hwat abot F-35 and F-15.
And dont forget,tell me a other place they can by

Copyright © The Global Aircraft Organization

Subject: USA has the wrost Air force in the world
Post ID# 91
Message Number 5
Date Posted: 23 January 2004, 12:54:38 AM

The us has the best airforce there is a the best airforce there ever was, and there is no question about that.I don't think that it is possible to beat america in a war if its one country versus another.if i were to rank the airforces in order of their overall efficiency, number of planes and pilot expertise, it would look a little like this{plz let me know u're thoughts about this entry}:
3.China {efficiency-6,number-10,pilots-4,total-20}
4.Britain {efficiency-7,number-3,pilots-9,total-19}
5.France {efficiency-8,number-4,pilots-7,total-19}
6.Sweden {efficiency-10,number-2,pilots-7,total-19}
7.Japan {efficiency-8,number-4,pilots-6,total-18}
8.North Korea {efficiency-6,number-6,pilots-4,total-16}
9.India {efficiency-6,number-8,pilots-2,total-16}
Countries that i think are really close to the top10 are:
11.South Korea{efficiency-7,number-3,pilots-3,total-13}
{if u noticed that russia's pilot score is so high compared to other countries that they were allied with in the korean war for example, north korea............the only reason why russia lost the korean war was because they let koreans and chinkers{chinese}to fly about 85% of their planes which was really stupid, thats y nearly all asian countries have such a crappy pilot score}

Subject: USA has the wrost Air force in the world
Post ID# 92
Message Number 6
Date Posted: 28 January 2004, 8:35:17 AM

I agree but I will place Britain as numbr 2.

Copyright © The Global Aircraft Organization

Subject: USA has the wrost Air force in the world
Post ID# 93
Message Number 7
Date Posted: 02 February 2004, 8:35:48 AM

dimitrius, i see 2 main problems with your entry. first of all, USA do NOT hav a numnber rank of 9. their planes are getting more and more expensive due to more advanced technology. Im fact, i is predicted that if the price of their planes keep rising as they are now, in less than 50 years, they will only have one plane in their air force. also, get your facts right: USA LOST THE KOREAN WAR!!!!! RUSSIANS + CHINESE WON!!!!!!!!!!!
USA had at least 10 times more planes than china back then and some of the chinese pilots literally had about 3 hours training before fighting and USA still lost

Subject: USA has the wrost Air force in the world
Post ID# 94
Message Number 8
Date Posted: 03 February 2004, 11:15:21 AM

sry: mistake in my last post. russia didnt fight in the korean war. but usa still lost to nk and china

Subject: USA has the wrost Air force in the world
Post ID# 104
Message Number 9
Date Posted: 25 February 2004, 7:42:22 AM

uh folks there are problems with all the arguments i have read so far in this thread. for one thing the russians did send pilots to fly over korea. here is a link to an interesting article there was an article in air and space magazine within the past couple years which also spoke to this but i can not find the article.

it is also rather hard for me to believe that the russians, chinese, north koreans won that war. while it has been proven that the ussr had a lot to do with the waging of the war it ended coincidentally with the death of stalin in 1953. the us/un forces were pushed back to pusan and then went on the attack and took the entire peninsula up to the yalu. for political reasons no missions or patrols were allowed north of the yalu though many pilots admit to breaking that rule. the us/un forces were pushed back from the yalu--chosin resevoir etc--but the front was stabalized for the next 2 years. during the various cease fire negotiations the us/un would ask for something and when they wouldn't get it they would push a mile or so into the nk lines. the fight was not left until it was over. three countries tried to take over a smaller one but were defeated in that quest. how can it be said that the defenders of that small country lost?

chinese pilots had in fact many more than 3 hours flying time before being sent into combat. many of them had been trained by the usaaf during ww2. while this does not mean they were as proficient as their american counterparts, they were generally not the slouches you make them out to be.

and the f35 can not be compared to the f22 in any way shape or form. it not better nor worse--it is a different plane developed for a different mission. the f22 is designed to replace the f15 in the air superiority role while the f35 is replacing the f16, a10, av8b, f18a/c, etc.

the f14 can in fact track up to 24 targets and target up to 6 at any one time. however it can only carry 8 missiles--mix of sidewinders, phoenixes, sparrows, amraams. read here for more on the f14 on a side note the phoenix is being phased out.

and while your numbers put israel in 10th place that means very little to me. your rating system seems to be arbitrary. but pound for pound i would rate them near the top.

Subject: USA has the wrost Air force in the world
Post ID# 105
Message Number 10
Date Posted: 03 March 2004, 2:24:00 PM

aaronrb, u seem 2 no quite a lot about the subject. do u hav an email so that i cud contact u personally?

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