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[ f6hellcat ]


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First post: 2008-08-11
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Subject: Indroduce yourself here!
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Date Posted: 01 September 2008, 2:51:57 PM

I got the idea from and thought that it was a great idea! So if you are new to GAC come introduce yourself here!

Let me start by introducing myself. I'm not new but hey,

Hello all! im f6hellcat. im interested in building models. I like talking about general aviation. Oh I like naval aviation of WWII. Oh I am from the Washington DC area. I am 14 in october. going into 8th grade. I have flown a Cessna 150 on several occasions (as part of occasional flying lessons I get. I started an aviation club at my school and we get ground school twice a month and go up twice a year.) I like to make short films. I have a website you should check out. it doesn't really have anything to do with aviation but you should check it out anyway. I have been working on getting the movies up but havn't gotten around to it yet. anyway thats all i can think of.

(Special thanks to kuma on aviationforum for the idea!)
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harry [ v_bomber ]

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Subject: Indroduce yourself here!
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Last Updated: 02 September 2008, 9:11:32 AM
Date Posted: 02 September 2008, 8:25:20 AM

Yea this is a good idea

I am by no means new but hey im 22 might be joining raf ive had a quite a flying history ive flown in a lightning a buccaneer and flown a hunter. I have also flown in and flown xh558 and the height of it all flying in a f15 in exchange for letting some americans fly in the vulcan. I am a big aviation enthusiast i actually own a hawker hunter t7 from 1958 it is currently undergoing restoration to hopefully bring it into flying condition but for the moment its staitonery however i have a avon engine replacement so it is atleast in ground running condition would be glad to send pictures to anybody who want them leave your email and ill send you a few the registration is has recently been purchased by me it looks in poor condition however that is only paintwork however it has had a notchy repaint in its life and the afterburning engine has been lifted into the aircraft and for the first time in 15 years it has moved under its own power huray!

I also have my eye on another aircraft vulcan b2a xm575 i have been told i can buy it for £5000 bargain and 3 engines even work! Like to hear comments on whever i should buy it
'The distant flash of lightning howling through the thunder' ex RAF ligthning pilot recalling lightning of 1973 through thunder

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