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harry [ v_bomber ]

Posts: 187
First post: 2008-08-01
Join date: 2008-08-01
Location: UK
Group: Volunteer

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Subject: Avaition Sites
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Date Posted: 06 August 2008, 6:24:20 AM

Hi people just putting this on here for people to share and find plane sites ill start us off with my website and to others.
WWW.DUXFORD-UPDATE.INFO (fab site for info on imperial war museum
Harrys the name hows lifes the catch phrase!

[ taylorcraftl2 ]


Posts: 10
First post: 2009-08-08
Join date: 2009-07-04
Location: Alaska, USA
Group: Newcomer

GAViCs: 2.60
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Subject: Avaition Sites
Post ID# 2295
Message Number 2
Date Posted: 08 August 2009, 11:57:58 PM

[ aircraftcaddy ]

Posts: 3
First post: 2009-10-06
Join date: 2009-08-10
Location: Minnesota, USA
Group: Newcomer

GAViCs: 1.60
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Subject: Avaition Sites
Post ID# 2338
Message Number 3
Date Posted: 06 October 2009, 10:51:17 AM

pekamcotech [ pilotboy ]

Posts: 1
First post: 2010-09-03
Join date: 2010-09-02
Location: China
Group: Newcomer

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Subject: Avaition Sites
Post ID# 2406
Message Number 4
Date Posted: 03 September 2010, 8:19:37 AM

Hello Everyone,

We are an Aviation Company based in China that specializes in the following services:

Aircraft Maintenance
Airplanes & Parts Trades
Commercial & Regional Leasing Consultancy
Maintenance and Pilot Training/ Simulations
UAV Products and Services

We specialize in collecting airplane parts to cater your needs. We also offer aircrafts for sale and lease. For further information about our company and the services we offer, kindly visit our websites at and

Thank you and we are looking forward to doing business with you soon.


Pekamco Technologies Team

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