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Clint [ worldtraveler ]

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Subject: have any of you people been on a airplane ride
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Date Posted: 29 January 2010, 6:12:50 PM

I don't know where the information about not being able to see an SR-71 got out, but there has been one on display at the Balboa aerospace museum, San Diego, Ca. for at least 20 years, the USAF Aerospace Museum at Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio and several others. As far as having flown, I've flown T-38 Talons, Cessna 150, 172,182,210, 205, 206,310, Beechcraft Bonanza, T-34A/B Mentors, Model 18 twins, Baron. Besides flown on many airliners, I'm an aircraft mechanic and work on and performed engine runs on F/RF-4 C,D,E, F-106 Delta Dagger, McDonnel Douglas MD-11, F-15, A-10. T-1A Jayhawk. After sitting and writing this, it brings into perspective the work done in my career.

Among all of the work was alot of fun, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

aka PhantomPhyxer.

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