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Subject: Prototype Aircraft Stimulator
Post ID# 549
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Date Posted: 10 June 2005, 7:33:35 PM

Hi guys I will be making a prototype aircraft simulator, which means making an aircraft model, perhaps 10 feet long with a seat and flight controls like a joystick and a pedal to control the ailerons, elevator, rudder, wings. and if possible add a hydraulic pump to the seat and sound system too so that the seat will move as in a actual flight. The idea is to give the users a sense of feeling of what is it like when you bank the plane to the right and so on.

I guess there will be two steps in doing this: first making the model out and secondly connect the joystick and stuff mechanical and electrically so as to create the stimulation.

Anyone here got any idea where to get the infomation from or any of you have done this before and would like to share the experience with me?

Thanks alot..

harry [ v_bomber ]

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Subject: Prototype Aircraft Stimulator
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Date Posted: 29 August 2008, 7:41:56 AM

If you live in england go to bruntingthorpe aerodrome ask about the bac 1-11 simulator
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