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[ samward ]

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Subject: Meiya Air Headquartered in Sanya & Seaplane
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Date Posted: 04 April 2012, 11:24:33 PM

On March 26th, Meiya Air headquartered in Sanya & seaplane delivery and order signing ceremony mainly organized by Sanya Municipal People’s Government and CAAC Central and Southern Regional Administration, assisted by Meiya Air Co., Ltd. was held in Sanya. Vice Mayor of Sanya Zhou Gaoming participated the ceremony entrusted by Mayor of Sanya Wang Yong. Vice Director of CAAC Central and Southern Regional Administration Qin Xisheng, Stationmaster of CAAC Sanya Air Traffic Management Station Lan Jianqiong, Director of CAAC Sanya Safety Oversight Administration An Yingze, Division Chief of GA Department of CAAC Central and Southern Regional Administration Feng Hongsheng, Director of Sanya Development and Reform Commission Zhang Li, Director of Financial Bureau of Sanya Xu Huanzhong, Director of Urban Planning Bureau of Sanya Su Jinming, Director of Sanya Resource Bureau of Land and Environment Cheng Chunman, Director of Transportation Bureau of Sanya Huang Xinghai, Director of Sanya Marine Fishery Agency Zhang Huazhong, Director of Sanya Maritime Safety Administration Zhang Xipeng, Director of Sanya Land Reserve Center Ji Duanrong, Chairman of Sanya Urban Investment and Development Co., Ltd. Li Wei, International Sales Vice President of Cessna Aircraft Company Bill Harris, and Commercial Officer of American Consulate General Guangzhou Jay Biggs have participated the ceremony.

General Manager of Meiya Air Deng Jun introduced: Meiya Air is a complete GA operation industry chain integrated with the GA policy and tourism resources in Hainan and Sanya. It will drive the subsidiary project constructions. Meiya Air headquarter is composed with four parts as Sanya International Seaplane Center, Meiya Air Industrial Park, Meiya Air Seaplane Operation and Passenger Center and Meiya Air Headquarter Office Building and Living Area. Meiya Air business takes seaplane and amphibian aircraft as main type, combines with major projects such as air tour, air exhibition, flight carnival, aircraft sales, FBO and flight training etc.

In this two Cessna208 aircrafts delivery ceremony, Vice Mayor Zhou Gaoming on behalf of Sanya Government said: the development of Meiya Air program can greatly improve the tourism environment of Sanya and bring social capital. Meanwhile, it can also enhance the high-standard tourism image of Sanya, and increase employment and tax revenue. It will play a dual role to stimulate both the tourism and GA industry in Sanya and Hainan. It will also transfer the land economy of Sanya to marine economy which has innovative significance.

On that day, Meiya Air continued signing the order of 10 aircrafts with the world’s largest GA aircraft manufacturer Cessna. Until 2015, Meiya Air plans to have a fleet of 20 aircrafts in Sanya.

The vice director of CAAC Central and Southern Regional Administration Qin Xisheng concluded: as the first seaplane commercial operation project in China, Meiya Air headquartered in Sanya signifies that Sanya made an important step in the development of GA.

Edward Leigh [ edward01 ]

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Subject: Meiya Air Headquartered in Sanya & Seaplane
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Date Posted: 25 December 2012, 8:07:42 PM

Hello Members,

Meiya Air is planning to launch air tours and short-term air express routes from Sanya to Sansha and other surrounding islands. The whole tour will last around 70 minutes. At that point, tourists will be able to enjoy the beautiful tropical scenery as well as lovely coastal scenery of the city.

Thanks and Regards,
Edward Leigh

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