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aircraft on aircraft combat [ a10thunderbolt ]

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First post: 2011-05-02
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Subject: aircraft on aircraft combat
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Date Posted: 02 May 2011, 4:27:08 PM

In this topic I would like to discuss which fighter planes/jets/ect. would be most likely to win in a dogfight starting with

A-10 Thunderbolt (A.K.A. Warthog) VS. F4D Skyray.

This is just a makeshift fight I thought of on the spot. Speak up if you would like to suggest a dogfight to debate, it can be any kind of fight one on one, three on one, or any combination of planes/jets/ect. you can think of. By the way i'm kind of new to aviation so if I get some facts wrong please forgive me.tongue

examples [ examples ]


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Subject: aircraft on aircraft combat
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Date Posted: 10 June 2011, 2:38:07 PM

The F4d is from th 1950s-60s! Use your brain.

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