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[ always_mekgp ]

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First post: 2011-02-04
Join date: 2011-01-16
Location: Kansas, USA
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Subject: Simulab Flight Sim Engine
Post ID# 2413
Message Number 1
Date Posted: 04 February 2011, 6:48:11 AM

Just released testing version of this new java based engine. Check it out if you have time. Windows-based only at the moment.


[ edward01 ]

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First post: 2012-12-05
Join date: 2012-12-05
Location: Alabama, USA
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Subject: Simulab Flight Sim Engine
Post ID# 2440
Message Number 2
Date Posted: 11 December 2012, 8:49:53 PM

Hello Friends,

I'm pleased to announce the release of the SimuLab Release Terra. Main features of this release: true support for global scenery, first functional avionic elements like HUD, MPCD, Compass, artificial horizon (ATT), vehicle preview and import tool, configurable mission and vehicle setup and of course first insight and impression of the technology.
This is not a major release, it's not a bug free release but "accidental" one. In coming 1-2 months i won't be able to proceed on SL development and would like to share the development results "AS IS" with interested audience. Sad, but i didn't get the collision detection and height above ground elements polished on time. This release will primarily give the moder community the first insight and and chance to test their aircraft with the engine. AND the most important feature is the full integration with the latest JSBSim version.
The moders willing to contribute to SL and/or Flight Gear projects may get started with developing and testing their aircraft with this release. SL provides extensive performance logging and allows to compile accumulated performance data into MS Excel table for analysis and plotting. Please proceed to this forum thread for more details.
Special thanks goes to Tom for providing his great aircraft models for simulation, Aron for his excellent self created sound tracks and of course to Kevin for providing terrain tile service, website and wiki maintenance and of course valuable discussions.

Thanks and Regards,
Edward Leigh

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