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Subject: tv show dogfights
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Last Updated: 16 November 2008, 10:26:31 AM
Date Posted: 16 November 2008, 10:25:15 AM

Have any of you seen the tv show dogfights?

Heres a list of the episodes:

Volume 1:

* MIG ALLEY: F-86 Sabres face Korean MIG-15 fighters in historys first jet dogfights.
* AIR AMBUSH: The Wolfpack squadron lures North Vietnamese MiG-21's into an elaborate air sting, code-named Project Bolo.

Volume 2:

* FLYING TIGERS: The Flying Tigers P-40 Tomahawks battle Japanese I-97 Nates over China in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor.
* GUADALCANAL: 4F4 Wildcats hold out against Japans deadliest flyers in the skies over Guadalcanal in August of 1942.
* HELL OVER HANOI: F4 Phantom pilots tangle with MiG-21s in Vietnam.

Volume 3:

* THE ZERO KILLER: Nothing could match the wicked Zero until the U.S. Navy deployed the fearsome F6F Hellcat.
* THE LAST GUNFIGHTER: See what the F8 Crusader can do against a North Vietnamese MiG and relive the most incredible come-from-behind dogfight ever survived.
* DEATH OF THE JAPANESE NAVY: The worlds biggest battleship loses to Taffy III, a small U.S. task unit of tin can destroyers and baby flat-tops, in the 1944 Battle of Samar.

Volume 4:

* HUNT FOR THE BISMARCK: British Swordfish torpedo-bombers turn the tide of WWII.
* LONG ODDS: Outnumbered, outgunned, unlikely to make it home. An SBD dive bomber, a B-17 bomber and an F-105 Thunderchief feature in phenomenal tales of grit and survival from WWII and Vietnam.
* DOGFIGHTS OF THE MIDDLE EAST: The Israeli Air Force celebrates thirty years of dominating the skies.


* Pilot Episode: DOGFIGHTS: The Greatest Air Battles
* Behind-the-scenes Featurette: DOGFIGHTS: The Planes

And season two:

* Kamikaze
* Jet vs. Jet
* Thunderbolt
* Gun Kills of Vietnam
* Desert Aces
* The First Dogfighters
* Luftwaffe's Deadliest Mission
* No Room for Error
* Night Fighters
* The Bloodiest Day
* P-51 Mustang
* Dogfights of Desert Storm
* Tuskegee Airmen
* MiG Killers of the Midway
* Supersonic
* Death of the Luftwaffe
* Secret Weapons

Hope you like it!

[ f6hellcat ]


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Subject: tv show dogfights
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Date Posted: 16 November 2008, 4:14:25 PM

ya i have. really like the show!happy
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